Welcome to Paw Stories

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Paw Stories Dog Training Show started when…

We wanted to find a way to help fostered dogs find their loving forever homes.  For years we have seen rescued dogs struggle to cope with a changing environment and the stresses that being up for adoption puts on a dog. 

If only, we thought, there was a way to help these poor dogs and train them so they can be prepared for their lives as someone's new best friend....

It was then that Paw Stories Dog Training Show was born.

We set out to partner with a brilliant trainer who practices humane, compassionate training techniques which helps create a stable environment for these heartwarming dogs.  Through love, care and compassion our goal is to change the lives of these dogs in need.  

Paw Stories Dog Training Show partners with fosters & 501C3 rescue groups in order to train the adoptable dogs for free.  Through our program we do not charge these organizations for training.  Instead, we rely on viewers like you to help keep our operation going.  Find out how you can help change the lives of dogs in need click the link below to learn more!